Rain rain go away

3rd July 2012

You know you its summer in the city when all you do is complain about the rain, wind, cold, snow……

Just as well we have our fab fab fab summer blooms to keep us chirpy and cheery.  And none more so that the King of the summer bloom, Mr Hydrangea.  We have been really excited this week as we were asked to so the graduation flowers for The Royal Conservatoire Scotland.  We had been so delighted to do the flowers for their name changing ceremony, previously knows as Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, last October.  So we were so pleased when Amy-Beth phoned for a chat, and we created the long trough arrangements, and tall vase arrangement, and small square cubes for a dinner to sit along the table top.  All in a theme of purple, lime green and red.  When I visited the room where the Graduation Ceremony is held, I noticed the most beautiful rich red velvet drapes, with a wild ivy garland print.  So I took my inspration to create mini gardens in the trough arrangements, and of course we used the huge headed hydrangea, with spikey red colosia, and lime green shamrock chrysanths, and, what purple theme would be complete without our fave ever bloom, the purple vanda orchid.  We can’t wait to get photos from Amy-Beth and will post them as soon as we do.

Our hydrangea has had a pretty big prescence of late, and why not, its the perfect season for it.  Our two lovely Brides last week, Julia and Sara, both carried them.  They are such crowd pleasers, and all the while we were working away with them, we were so pleased to pull in passers by, who just wanted to look at them and say how beautiful they were.  Also, cut short and floating in a low bowl or goldfish vase, they can last for ages, as the water doesn’t have too far to travel to reach the heads.  Pop in with your vase and we shall show you how.

So we are looking forward to another wedding filled weekend, including Alison who is marrying at the gowguss Airth Castle.  I shall never tire of that drive up to the castle, so so so beautiful.

And to add to the excitement, our work is in The Scottish Wedding Directory.  We are super thrilled to be involved for the third time and have our work photographed and shown in the magazine.  Thankyou so much to all the staff at The Scottish Wedding Directory.

Also if you are looking for a great night out with food drink and entertainment this weekend, head to the Dance With Attitude Studios on South Street.  A great Spanish night is on this Saturday 7th July, doors open at 7.30pm but best get your ticket in advance.  Fab Flamenco performance and book your seat for tapas and sangria before the show begins.  Check out www.dancewithattitide.net for further datails….OLE…

So I am thinking that even though its raining cats and dogs, its still summer, right??  Pimms on the lawn anyone???

Allie x

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