Summer lovin’

17th January 2015

Hello there

Well, Mother Nature had well and truely decided that summer is here.  The weather may say another thing, but the blooms we are receiving daily from our fab suppliers say that summer is here at last.  Big and blousy hydrangeas and peony roses…all things that grow in pretty rows in the garden are most definately the order of the day.  Its such a great season for colour too.  And what i love about working with Jemma and Rosie is that we all have different takes on the summer season.

Spring is certainly depicted by our tulips and daffs and hyacinths, and autumn had that glorious glow of rich auburns and golden tones and winter has its very own reds and green theme, but summer had so many choices.  To me its purples, blues, and cerise colours, Jemma likes sherbert mixes and Rosie thinks pale greens and pinks.  So whats your perfect summer bouquet?

With the arrival of hydrangea and peony, our bridal bouquets have taken that summer look too.  Also the sunflower is looking gowguss at the mo.  That is what todays bride Anna carried, a perfect blast of sunshine for her special day.  And we hope our three brides this weekend have this lovely weather too.  Sarah marries at Oran Mor, what a fantastic venue that is, and Sarah weds her groom at Arta, a venue we have fallen in love with.  Louise is getting married at Culcreach Castle in Fintry, so romantic, and I do hope this weather stays as she may get married outside in the garden.  Shes had said this monring that the forecast was for snow….NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

So we have had a change about in the shop….thankyou Owen and Rosie for the shopfitting job.  And in addition to out new look, we have got some great new cards in.  Owen, our resident jeweller, had also created a range of wedding cards, the the Bride to Be, Sexy Bridesmaid, Fab Bridesmaid and To My Flowergirl to mane a few, and we have some swarovski crystal garters in too….pop in and treat the bride to be.  We have been scratching our heads in a effort to come up with an alternative to the good luck horseshoe usually given to brides after their wedding ceremony, so we have a lovely selection of hanging hearts.  Forget horseshoes….a lovehearts where its at.

So pop in for summer lovin’…. before autumn creeps up on us….

By the way….anyone else freaked out by that little EDF Energy thing….the little orange thing that dances?….totally freaky……

Allie x

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